Ari Angelo
Data Science Team Manager

A highly skilled data scientist, Ari manages and mentors a team of data scientists for Harmonic. 

A critical and analytical thinker, Ari applies methods from a broad range of computational and mathematical skill sets to solve business challenges.   He uses a range of statistical modelling approaches, operations research methodology, optimisation algorithms and simulations.

Ari is particularly interested in developing engineering solutions to solve problems and presenting the results in a meaningful way. He has a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Engineering Science, from the University of Auckland.

Ari has contributed to the a wide range of client projects including:  Long range Air Traffic Fleet Management and Latent Capacity Analysis for Airways New Zealand, Infrastructure Analytics for Auckland City Council, Equal Pay Gap Analysis for WSP Opus, electricity and gas forecast improvements for an Australian energy sector client, forecasting, advanced analytics and dashboard development for central government and city council projects, and R Training for a diverse range of clients in the energy, aviation and government sectors. 

Ari is an Excel master as well as proficient programmer in languages including; R, Matlab, Python, JavaScript and VBA.

Ari also works on a Climate Adaption Panel. This large multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists develop plans to help communities adapt to the ongoing pressures of climate change.

Full of energy, Ari likes to fence, play football, chess and participate in board games.