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Dynamic insights: Overlaying a variety of datasets to tell the story of Aotearoa’s regions

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Providing dynamic insight into a region's features through overlaying a wide range of data. A common problem businesses face is bringing varying data sources together to get a holistic view of their surroundings. Harmonic Analytics collaborated with a NZ client who was interested in understanding a region's ‘profile’ to make more informed decisions. This was achieved by bringing together a wide range of publicly available datasets and overlaying them on an easy to use interactive dashboard.

The Challenge

Developing a dashboard that offers a dynamic understanding of a region's ‘profile’ and how different features relate. This involved multiple stages, from data gathering and exploration through to a productionising a dashboard with the ability to update or integrate new datasets ongoing.

The Solution

Harmonic first built a catalogue of potential data sources working collaboratively with the client to prioritise them. Once key datasets were selected a data pipeline was built that allowed for the transformation and standardisation of the varying data formats. This pipeline feeds into an interactive dashboard with a selection of visualisations to help understand a regions ‘profile’.

The dashboard provides flexibility in exploring the factors that are of interest by allowing users to cut the data and visualise it however they like. This includes maps, data tables, treemaps, and more. Users have the freedom to choose the level of variables they want to focus on, enabling a personalised and tailored exploration of the data.

The visualisation component of the tool incorporates the element of time, allowing users to explore data through time series or within a specific chosen period. This temporal aspect provides valuable insights into the trends, patterns, and changes over time, enabling a deeper understanding of the data and its implications.

Moreover, the dashboard allows for cross-referencing data from different categories, facilitating exploration of causal relationships. This capability empowers users to uncover meaningful insights and identify potential causal connections within the data.

The Result

  • Deeper understanding of their environment for New Zealand stakeholders.
  • Valuable insights into different aspects of the regions.
  • Flexibility through interactive dashboard.
  • The data and visualisations can be extracted allowing for easy integration into reports, studies or presentation.

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