Asset Lifecycle Management for Wellington City Council

Wellington City Council is responsible for meeting the Capital's current and future needs in a cost effective way, including providing good quality local infrastructure and public and regulatory services.

Business Goal

The Council selected Harmonic Analytics to provide deep analytical expertise to support its strategic management programme.

The Council runs a sophisticated asset management programme to ensure efficient, long-term management of its assets. This requires a high quality and comprehensive asset data set, starting with 3-Waters infrastructure. Detailed analysis with this data will provide concise and reliable information to support cost-effective decisions around maintenance, resourcing, resilience and future planning. This is particularly important in these financially constrained times. 

This partnership with Harmonic will also help the Council comply with the Government’s planned law changes that require local councils to undertake strategic asset management planning, including 30-year infrastructure strategies.

The Solution

Harmonic ‘s team of data scientists and key Council subject matter experts are developing both Condition and Demand models using a ‘heat map’ to identify future constraints within the networks (e.g. pipe failure probability or pipe capacity shortfalls) for the ‘three waters’ assets. These assets include: drinking water, waste water and storm water pipes and related structures across Wellington City. 

Harmonic provided initial data quality assessment and will continue to provide advice and support for the continued improvement of water asset-related data as it is collected from a number of sources (e.g. condition surveys).


Planned Outcomes

Having the right information based on robust statistical analysis will assist the Council to determine asset renewal and upgrade programmes over the next 50+ years. Understanding the age of pipes, resiliency, and the quality of the infrastructure will support the city’s future spatial planning and economic development opportunities. 

The analysis will also provide clear insight to help the Council determine the best investment priorities e.g. what, where and how to invest in the short, medium and long term. Analytics to support transport and property assets are also now being developed in this project.

“Improvements in the value provided by infrastructure assets have the potential to yield substantial financial savings for the Council. The partnership between Wellington City Council and Harmonic is producing sophisticated analytics to help us tease out these benefits for our city. There are some exciting results.”

Haydn Read, Manager, Strategic Asset Planning, Wellington City Council

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