CIO Advisor Magazine has named Harmonic Analytics in the 'Top 10 APAC Data Analytics Solutions Providers' for 2019. Harmonic has been recognised 'For exhibiting excellence in delivering Data Analytics Solutions for the Asia-Pacific region."   


 "I'm proud of our team for their hard work, professionalism and their innovative thinking," says Harmonic CEO, Phil Shepherd. "I'm excited to make this prestigious list and it validates the growth path we are on. To be recognised by one of the largest organisations in Asia-Pacific is a real privilege."


CIO Advisor APAC Magazine -Digital Edition, March 2019

You can read the full article here  'Innovative Data Analytics'  or the PDF Version.

Traditionally Harmonic's client base has been in New Zealand, but now as our reputation grows, we are working on solving complex data driven problems for organisations in NZ and Australia across utilities, network businesses, airlines, Local government and more recently Central government.

We make it easy for executives to understand the power and value of analytics through dynamic visualisation using the very latest tools. 

In many cases executives know they have significant value in their data but have struggled to find ways to unlock that value and visualise the results.

We have a really dedicated and diverse team who are the very best in the Data Science world.

Exerts from the CIO Magazine article:

As 2019 commences, companies are far more motivated to adopt ambitious analytics trends to amplify the worth of web experience in day-to-day lives. Small and medium sized corporations (SMBs) are growing more enthusiastic about truly reaping the benefits of data analytics and as a result, are willing to outsource their analytics requirement to data companies specializing in it." says CIO Advisor.

"A picture is worth a thousand words,’ goes the saying. New Zealand-based data analytics solutions and services provider, Harmonic Analytics, is built on this precept. Harmonic combines data visualization and advanced analytics to provide insights that lead to informed decision making. The company designs case-specific visualization dashboards that not only simplify the analysis of complex data but also help foster a productive work environment.

Harmonic’s data scientists use conventional data analytics as well as innovative methods to improve data quality and deliver tailored solutions faster. “We have an in-depth understanding of the language ‘R,’ a software environment for statistical computing. We believe that this is our key differentiator in the marketplace,” mentions Phil Royal, Director, Harmonic Analytics.

At the outset of client engagement, Harmonic works with the decision makers to identify core objectives and analyse the quality of their data. Depending on the result of the initial analysis, their data science team determines the most suitable data analytics solution. “In parallel with this process, another team designs visualization tools such as intuitive dashboards that allow clients to consume and manage huge blocks of information within a stipulated time-frame,” says Phil Shepherd, CEO of Harmonic Analytics." 

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