We help you to turn your data into useful business information. 

Data science is becoming increasingly important. Business leaders, managers and operational staff are looking for actionable insights from concise and reliable information. 

We provide expert advice, data quality assessment and exploratory analysis, apply analytical techniques and offer ongoing support.

A deep understanding of business and technical issues combined with our proven data analysis, integration and forecasting capabilities enables decision makers to harness information for improved business performance.

Some of the ways we have helped our clients include:

Alarm Analytics in the Energy Sector

Read about how we applied machine learning techniques to explore associations between systems alarms for an energy sector client.

Forecasting/Planning with Confidence

Make proactive decisions with the right information from predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is a technique used to predict or forecast future behavior or events, assess risk and the consequences of change.

Read about how we helped BCITO establish how much funding it needed to train X number of apprentices over X years to meet the needs of a growing building industry.

 Asset Management

Optimise the life cycle of an asset. Mitigate failure risk and optimise inventory holdings.

We have the skills and resources to optimise the life cycle of any asset – the national grid, kilometres of water pipes, pavements and roads, telephone networks or air traffic control systems. We have helped our clients make proactive decisions about what, where and how you should invest in the short, medium and long term.

Read about how we helped Wellington City Council establish when its water pipes are likely to need replacing or expanding, at what cost, and how we helped Spark, manage the asset lifetime of their core PSTN network.

Optimise Business Performance

Increase efficiency and reduce costs through tailor-made analytical solutions

Read about how we helped Spark manage its inventory of spare parts for a key network that provisions voice services, and how we helped Transpower save time and money.