Creativity and innovation are a key part of our culture at Harmonic.  We are continuously looking at innovative ways to develop new analytical tools.

Here are some examples of our innovation projects:

Harmonic Analytics and NEC Big Data Collaboration

Harmonic Analytics and NEC Corporation are working together on an innovation programme - to develop Big Data solutions.

We are bringing together data scientists from New Zealand and across NEC’s global network to develop sophisticated analytical solutions,” says CEO, Phil Shepherd.  “We are pleased to be working with NEC, a globally respected technology pioneer with a track record of commitment to New Zealand innovation.”

Demand for sophisticated analytics and data visualisation is growing.  More customers are asking Harmonic, how they can best use and manage their data to make robust decisions.

Key development areas for the innovation programme include:  Asset management solutions, social network analytics, predictive analytics, data mining, anomaly detection, market classification and specific NEC big data solutions.

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Environmental Monitoring Across Dairy Farms

The ReGen Effluent system was developed by Harmonic, with support from Dairy NZ, Massey University, Gen-i and the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

ReGen Effluent, was launched in March 2010 following a successful nationwide farm trial where it was proven to prevent ponds from overflowing and over-irrigation of dairy effluent. It won the TUANZ Innovation Award in 2010 in the ‘Innovation in the Rural Market’ category and received a special commendation at the Hi-Tech Awards 2010.

A cloud based solution, ReGen Effluent extracts sensor data measuring soil condition, rainfall and pond levels, linked to weather data.

ReGen Effluent can tell farmers exactly what level of dairy effluent can be safely spread. With environmental data collected from the farm, ReGen Effluent calculates a recommendation and lets the farmer know via a daily text. Armed with this knowledge, farmers can confidently use dairy effluent to promote sustainable pasture growth, reducing the need for fertiliser, and protecting the land and waterways.

Find out more:   ReGen Effluent originally came out of Harmonic's Innovation Programme, before being launched as a privately own company ReGen Limited, led by Bridgit Hawkins.