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R is among best tools for data analysis and statistical computing.  It is open source, easy to use, powerful and versatile, thanks to its large global community of contributors and users.  We also find R has many useful packages and has good data visualisation capabilities.

"Harmonic's training has given me a solid foundation to build the necessary skills in using R for analytics. The training is delivered in an easily understood manner that makes the transition to using R painless!" Alistair Crossling, Analytical Consultant.

R Training Group Courses

Our R Training Group Courses are designed by our team of data scientists who use R daily. We offer tailor-made group (5+ people) training in R from introductory to advanced levels of knowledge.  

We have provided training to companies such as Oracle Corporation, Affinity ID, Mighty River Power,  Pricetech Solutions and EE, a digital communications company based in the United Kingdom.

Training Links

  1. Introduction to R
  2. Data Analysis in R
  3. Our R Expertise
  4. Training Testimonials

Our Experience

Our experience using R in real business application means we are ideally placed to show you how to get optimum value from R, selecting the right tools for your specific needs.   We use R daily for visualisation, data summarisation, data mining, statistical modelling and operations research techniques.

We also work closely with the University of Auckland, where R was originally developed.

We are now official R Studio Training and Consulting Instructors

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Useful Resources

  1. The R Project - The official site of the R Foundation
  2. R Bloggers Website - Global R news and tutorials contributed by R bloggers

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