An Introduction to Data Analysis in R is our next level course. Course content is designed and taught by our Statisticians who are experienced in using R in business application daily.

Course Overview

This one-day instructor led course is designed to give learners a comprehensive overview of the data analysis and visualisation techniques available in R.  Attendees will be able to perform Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), statistical hypothesis tests and regression modelling in R. 

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is designed for data analysts who have had some exposure to R but would like to extend their knowledge with respect to conducting their analyses using R software.

What are the Course Outcomes?

At the conclusion of the course, attendees will have the tools to summarise and visualise both quantitative and qualitative data, utilise a range of visualisation techniques available in R and be able to perform statistical hypothesis tests and build regression models in R.


There are no formal prerequisites for this course however to successfully understand the content and complete the activities it is expected that attendees will have a basic understanding of R and statistical techniques such as hypothesis testing and regression analysis.