Our experience using R in real business application means we are ideally placed to show you how to get optimum value from R, selecting the right tools for your specific needs.   We use R daily for visualisation, data summarisation, data mining, statistical modelling and operations research techniques.

Dr. Lisa Chen, Chief Analytics Officer, R Training Consultant 

PhD in Statistics – University of Auckland, New Zealand Bachelor of Science (1st class honours) – University of Auckland, New Zealand 

Lisa is highly skilled in advanced statistical modelling and operations research.   Lisa is a natural teacher and specialises in teaching people how to get the best from R for insightful data analysis and data visualisation.

Lisa has delivered training to Oracle APAC as well as to various clients in New Zealand.  She is an active member of the R community, and part of the Auckland User Group and New Zealand Analytics Forum. 

She has extensive experience using R including designing solution-based models for complex optimisation problems, and analysing large-scale datasets in R.  Her experience includes: asset lifecycle management, profitability analysis, data mining, customer churn analysis plus solution design to optimise task scheduling and personnel allocation. 

Lisa also has 7 years teaching experience at the University of Auckland covering various topics, including theoretical and applied statistical modelling (in R).