Our data scientists come from varied and interesting backgrounds. Ploi Yibmantasiri has joined Harmonic as a student intern from Victoria University where she is completing her Masters in Applied Statistics.  Ploi, also has a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biosciences, from Victoria University.

Ploi has applied her varied skillset in creative ways, using machine learning techniques to help a Harmonic client in the energy sector.

Harmonic data scientists and software engineers worked closely with our client on this project, exploring patterns or associations between system alarms (same or different sites).  Alarm event types, associated alarms and root cause analysis were explored.

Ploi employed association rule analysis as well as sequential rule analysis which are rule-based machine learning methods used for discovering interesting relationships between variables in large databases.  

Ploi enjoys using her knowledge of statistics to discover, dissect and interpret hidden patterns within data.


Ploi has aa PhD in Cell and Molecular Biosciences from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand where she explored the genetic network of drug resistant in S. cerevisiae. Currently, she is finishing Masters in Applied Statistics at Victoria University of Wellington.

For more information please contact Phil Shepherd