Dr Lisa Chen, presented 'Data Science in Action' to science (statistics) students  at the University of Auckland.  Students  were particularly interested in the introduction to a data science company, why do clients seek data science solutions and what makes a good data scientist in the real world?

"A good data scientist is an artist who uses data to paint intuitive pictures for a non-analytical audience to solve complex (business) issues. I believe a good data scientist must have strong analytical/coding skills, and data sense as well as business acumen." says Lisa. 

Lisa is also a fan of the quote "stay hungry, stay foolish', by the late Steve Jobs. 

"To me this relates to data science as in always be eager to learn more and always keep an open mind, even if you have a phd!" says Lisa.

Lisa also talked about, how modelling techniques can be applied, interesting features and client case studies.

A few years ago, Harward Business Review called data scientist the 'sexiest job of the 21st century'.  That definition goes double in 2016 Source: IEEE Computer Society Resources: November to December 2015 issue of Computer in Science & Engineering. Find out more about IEEE Computer Society 

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data science word cloud source: datasciencedojo.com