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By Maria Slade. 29 September 2014

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"As technology becomes an integral part of managing the land, Wellington entrepreneur Bridgit Hawkins is building ReGen, an enterprise texting daily data to farmers to take the guesswork out of key on-farm operations. Bridgit Hawkins was consulting at data science company Harmonic Analytics on creating content to encourage farmers to use broadband when the idea for ReGen came up

Harmonic had received seed funding from Telecom, and in conjunction with Massey University was developing ways to collect real time data from the land to help farmers make better decisions."   ReGen launched in 2010.

Visit to find out more.  ReGen originally came out of Harmonic's Innovation Programme, before being launched as its own company ReGen Limited.  To find out more about the Innovation Programme please contact Phil Shepherd, CEO, Harmonic Analytics