Harmonic was pleased to sponsor and present the ‘Best Student Presentation’ prizes at the IASC/NZSA Conference in December 2017.  Several Harmonic staff attended along with around 300 delegates.  This was a great chance to see Ross Ihaka present.  The conference honoured Ross as a co-founder of ‘R’ and a great contributor to the field of analytics.

In his welcome speech Ian Westbrooke, NZSA President said, “It is fitting that we are meeting at Auckland University, the original home of R, and the home of its co-founder, Ross Ihaka. Ross has recently retired, and a theme of this conference is in honour of his huge contributions to our field."

Ian also spoke about the massive growth in interest in data science.

The massive growth in interest in data science and analytics demonstrates the need for greater availability of statistical and especially statistical computing expertise and input. This conference provides an opportunity for all of us as statisticians to develop and share the skills we can contribute to the increasing interest and need for our sort of quantitative skills.”

Keeping to the R theme, Glenn Thomas, Data Scientist, presented: ‘R in Industry – Application of Pipe Renewal Planning

Glenn demonstrated some of the practical tools Harmonic Analytics has developed using R to assist in asset management.  R has become an increasingly used tool in industry to practically help councils and organisations with their asset management challenges.

One example demonstrated was the recent work for a New Zealand council that experienced challenges in long term planning around its three waters infrastructure.  For more information please contact Phil Shepherd. 

More about the IASC/NZSA (NZ Statistical Association) Conference