Mr Toshiyuki Mineno, NEC, and Phil Shepherd, Harmonic Analytics

New Zealand Big Data Collaboration Announced

Media Release: 3 December 2013

Harmonic Analytics, a local data science company, announced an agreement with NEC Corporation, a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies, to collaborate on an innovation programme - to develop Big Data solutions.

We are bringing together data scientists from New Zealand and across NEC’s global network to develop sophisticated analytical solutions,” says CEO, Phil Shepherd.  “We are pleased to be working with NEC, a globally respected technology pioneer with a track record of commitment to New Zealand innovation.”


Mr Toshiyuki Mineno, Executive Vice President, NEC Corporation, recently visited Wellington to formally launch the programme.

Demand for sophisticated analytics and data visualisation is growing.  More customers are asking Harmonic, how they can best use and manage their data to make robust decisions.

Key development areas for the innovation programme include:  Asset management solutions, social network analytics, predictive analytics, data mining, anomaly detection, market classification and specific NEC big data solutions.

Dr. Ryohei Fujimaki, a data scientist with NEC based in Cupertino, Silicon Valley, also kicked off a series of Big data workshops in Wellington with Harmonic data scientists and the local NEC team.  Dr. Fujimaki leads a development/application team on predictive analytics at NEC.

Harmonic Analytics and NEC have successful worked together for 10 years, on the Asset Lifecycle Management Programme for Telecom New Zealand.

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