The New Zealand Treasury has launched a new data visualisation tool, Insights.  Harmonic worked closely with the Treasury’s Analytics and Insights team to develop and deliver the tool (R Shiny dashboard).

Using data from Statistics New Zealand’s Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI), Insights presents anonymised information about children and youth at risk at a detailed geographic level.

"Our data scientists enjoyed being a part of this ground breaking project.  We wanted to develop an innovative dashboard for Treasury, to allow end users to explore data insights in an interactive and creative way”, says Phil Shepherd, Harmonic CEO.

The Insights tool is easy to use and includes mapping and data visualisation features. The tool includes analysis on youth outcomes in the transition to adulthood as well as the use of education and employment services by children and youth.

This work is part of the Treasury’s commitment to higher living standards and a more prosperous, inclusive New Zealand.

Insights can be accessed at

A more detailed description of the tool is available at Insights - informing policies and services for at-risk children and youth.

For more information contact: Phil Shepherd