We are fortunate to have a talented data science team.  Meet our senior team members who have contributed significantly to Harmonic - Shirley Wu, Dr Lisa Chen, and Dr Kristy Su.  They demonstrate exceptional focus, teamwork and leadership.  Recent promotions in their job titles reflect their professional achievements and personal strengths.


Shirley Wu, Chief Operating Officer (COO)


As Chief Operating Officer, Shirley is Harmonic’s leading analytical consultant and manages our highly qualified data science team. She ensures that the right resources are available to meet a client’s brief and deliver a project on time.

Shirley joined Harmonic in 2004. She is a highly creative and detail-oriented person with a good sense of humour and ambition for achieving excellence. These attributes and her passion for helping clients find solutions to business challenges, have gained her a reputation for ‘getting things done’.

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Dr Lisa Chen, Chief Analytics Officer (CAO)

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As Chief Analytics Officer, Lisa provides analytical leadership at Harmonic.  With a strong customer focus, she leads specific analytics projects. Working alongside the COO, Lisa ensures Harmonic data science teams retain standards of integrity while delivering projects on time and within budget.

Lisa is a strong advocate for data science and has an active presence in the analytical community.  She has a prominent role in business development and communications for Harmonic. Lisa joined Harmonic in April 2010 and is highly skilled in advanced statistical modelling, machine learning and operations research. Lisa is a fast, critical thinker with excellent communication and presentation skills.

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Dr Kristy Su, Chief Statistician             






Kristy is a highly qualified data scientist and our Chief Statistician.  An expert in statistical methodology, she leads the technical development of cutting-edge solutions for our clients. She has a strong service delivery focus, manages projects and coaches our talented team of data scientists.

Kristy has played a significant role in Harmonic’s team since 2007.  Her analytical, statistical modelling, and programming skills combined with her talents in communication, presentation and team management, has seen her contribute to major projects.

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