Harmonic Analytics is providing advanced analytics services to several government agencies.   Harmonic data scientists are using the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) for approved research projects – that are in the public interest.

The insights from advanced data analysis such as ‘correlation and causation analysis’, can be used to help decision-makers to address complex issues that affect New Zealanders, for instance, the potential socio economic factors that may influence road accidents.

Evidence based insights can help decision makers to see patterns, what works and where improvements may be needed.  Only approved data scientists or researchers are granted access to IDI after a thorough vetting process – and only for the public good.   Harmonic data scientists work in approved secure Data Lab locations, operating under strict privacy conditions.  

What is the IDI?

The Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI)  is a large research database containing micro data about people and households. Data is from a range of government agencies, Statistics NZ surveys including the 2013 Census, and non-government organisations. The IDI holds over 166 billion facts, taking up 1.22 terabytes of space – and is continually growing. Researchers use the IDI to answer complex questions to improve outcomes for New Zealanders.

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