Glenn Thomas, Senior Data Scientist, Harmonic Analytics

Glenn Thomas, Senior Data Scientist, presented 'R in Industry – Application of Pipe Renewal Planning', at the IASC/NZSA 2017 Conference.   Glenn demonstrated some of the practical tools Harmonic has developed using R to assist in asset management.  R has become an increasingly used tool in industry to practically help councils and organisations with their asset management challenges.

Glenn demonstrated the recent analytics work for a New Zealand council that experienced challenges in long term planning around its three waters infrastructure.  Advanced Analytics and data visualisation helped support infrastructural investment decision making and risk assessment.

In particular, challenges stem from the limited information about pipe condition. Using past work order history as proxy for pipe failures, Glenn demonstrated a tool that uses a pipe break model to inform replacement strategies. The tool, allows users to generate and compare both data driven and engineering based scenarios through a variety of lenses, ranging from annual replacement length to service level outcomes. A number of visualisations are available to support comparisons. Data driven scenarios are driven from a variety of perspectives, such as traditional age based replacement, probability of failure and minimising the expected number of pipe breaks across the network.
This kind of advanced analytics is an exciting step forward, as councils show interest in collaboration and pooling data to improve accuracy.

For more information about this work please contact Phil Shepherd.  

Glenn first joined Harmonic as part of a scholarship programme in 2012.  With a Bachelor of Science (Honours in Statistics) from the University of Auckland, Glenn has strong statistical modelling, programming and communication skills.