Ethan Li, Data Scientist, Harmonic Analytics

Congratulations to Ethan Li who recently completed his Masters of Statistics, while contributing to key client projects at Harmonic.

Ethan is a highly skilled data scientist, an advanced programmer and is becoming recognised as one of New Zealand's leading developers of analytical dashboards - both in the New Zealand and Australian analytics communities. Ethan is also a proficient trainer successfully delivering analytics programmes to clients such as EE (a communications company based in the U.K) and MBIE (Ministry for Business Innovation and Employment) in New Zealand.

Ethan completed his degree at the University of Auckland.  For those with an interest in statistics, Ethan's Masters degree topic is "using information criteria to find the best least-squares tree model given a pairwise distance data. It is normally applied in biology (i.e. find out the best phylogenetic tree to depict evolutionary relationships between biological replicators like genes or species).  Ethan has built the tree selection process into a shiny app hosted in the following webpage,

Ethan is an active member of R community in New Zealand and presented a popular talk on 'Spatial Data Analysis' at the Wellington R Users Group

Ethan Li, Harmonic Analytics, presentation on Spatial Data Analysis: 20 November 2014

 Ethan is based at our office in Auckland and works on projects with clients in New Zealand and Australia.