In an industry-leading move, WSP Opus has closed a 7.5% pay gap for people in similar roles within the organisation.

Source Article. WSP Opus Website, 20 August 2018, Kate Palmer.

Ian Blair, Managing Director of WSP Opus, describes the move as a no brainer.

"It's 2018 and we should be rewarding people for doing the same work at the same level of performance in like-for like roles. To do otherwise just isn't right."

This milestone achievement sets WSP Opus apart in the industry, says Blair, demonstrating that the company openly values its people and their expertise regardless of gender.

Earlier this year Ian Blair instigated a programme to understand and address any pay gaps within WSP Opus.

Harmonic Analytics helped WSP Opus with the initial pay parity analysis and is pleased to have contributed to this industry leading work. 

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