About Us

Harmonic Analytics is a leading data science company based in New Zealand. We work with global partners and clients.

With a focus on quality and integrity, our aim is to help you make the best decisions at the right time.

Our team is distinguished by its deep analytical abilities and technical expertise combined with hands-on commercial experience.

We are passionate about helping business leaders, managers and operational teams make the most of their data.

Our work is proof that analytics has the power to change the world for the better.

A World in Balance

Our Lead Team

Our talented team includes business and project managers, and data scientists with expertise in statistics, operations research, computer science and software development.

Phil Shepherd

Phil Shepherd


Phil is the company founder and leader. Prior to returning home in 2000, Phil spent most of his career working with technology start-ups in the UK, US, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan. He enjoys developing and managing relationships with clients and creating partnerships across industry and academia. Phil is a passionate advocate for analytics. He feels privileged to work alongside data scientists, solving diverse, complex problems across a range of sectors.


+64 27 221 1433

Dr Murray Milner

Dr Murray Milner


With over 40 years in the industry, Murray is widely recognised for his leadership in ICT development in New Zealand. After spending much of his career with Telecom, Dr Milner works extensively with government and enterprises on ICT strategy, economics and infrastructure development. He is also Chair of the Whole of Government Radio Network Governance Board and a member of the Capital Investment Committee for Health. He recently stood down as a Director of Crown Infrastructure Partners, after 9 years of being responsible for the rollout of the Ultrafast Broadband initiative across New Zealand.


Phil Royal

Phil Royal

Executive Director

Phil has a distinguished career in technology and management consulting. He was a senior partner and board member of PWC. He started the PWC Consulting practice in 2008 and grew the business into the largest management and technology consulting practice in NZ. After working alongside executives in PwC and KPMG globally, he is passionate about raising the understanding of analytics for executives and how it can solve complex problems for companies from both a business and social perspective.


Travis Ryland

Travis Ryland

Sales Director

Travis has a passion for communicating the value of analytics. He enjoys working with data scientists, finding the insights with the greatest tangible impacts and data storytelling. He started his career servicing Spark's key customer base before moving to London to demonstrate visual analytics for prospective Tableau customers. Over the past ten years he has aided business leaders in four countries to comprehend the value of telecommunications, payments and analytics solutions.


+64 21 246 3307

Shirley Wu

Shirley Wu

Operations Manager

Shirley is responsible for managing our highly-qualified team of data scientists and software developers and ensuring the delivery of high-quality services to clients. Her main responsibilities include project management, resource management and maintenance of our team. Throughout her career in data science, she has worked closely with a diverse range of private and public sector clients including Spark, Wellington City Council, Contact Energy, Oracle, Treasury and MBIE. Shirley is a highly creative and detail-oriented person with a good sense of humour and ambition for achieving excellence.


+64 21 213 5829

Lee Begg

Lee Begg

Lead Software Engineer

Lee leads and manages the technical team. He enjoys working with software developers, data scientists and subject matter experts to deliver the best technology solutions for the problem at hand. His key responsibilities include understanding requirements and technical systems, software design and engineering. Lee is also responsible for the ongoing support of hosted-client solutions. He has contributed to a diverse range of client projects across an array of industries and government.


+64 21 111 5042

Dr Lisa Chen

Dr Lisa Chen

Chief Data Scientist

Lisa is a highly qualified, experienced and industry-recognised Data Scientist. Lisa provides analytical leadership at Harmonic and ensures teams retain standards of integrity while delivering projects on time and within budget. She also has a very prominent role in business development and communications for Harmonic. Lisa has a real passion for Data Science. She loves being a 'front-line' data scientist as well as being a strong advocate for the discipline. She is a natural teacher and always keen to share new ideas and learnings with colleagues and peers.


+64 21 181 5867

Glenn Thomas

Glenn Thomas

Data Science Team Manager

Glenn is a highly skilled senior Data Scientist and is an expert in water analytics. He has a wealth of experience in helping clients better steward their assets by enabling predictive modelling and data-driven decision making. A self-described data-detective, he thrives in getting to the bottom of complex and messy data sets such as SCADA data. Enabling analytics through leadership and expertise is one way that Glenn enjoys giving back to the analytics community and society as a whole.