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Asset Lifecycle Management for Wellington City Council

Data Quality Custom Analytics + Software Solutions

Water analytics allows companies and local bodies to evaluate their data for trends and patterns, enabling quick identification of opportunities to reduce costs, minimise risks and predict asset failure. Additionally, understanding the quality of your asset management data provides confidence to make decisions based on these insights.

WCC wanted to improve "three waters" asset management data to help meet regulatory compliance requirements, including 30-year infrastructure strategies. They also wanted to support cost-effective …

Crash Analytics to help reduce the National Road Toll

Data Visualisation + Reporting Solutions Custom Analytics + Software Solutions Advanced Analytics

Leveraging data with machine learning and analytics can help make a real difference in understanding and addressing various global or local social problems, including the New Zealand road toll.

A large Crown Entity wanted to gain insights into the root causes behind high death and serious incidents (DSI) rates occurring in a specific region …

Data Visualisation unlocks 360° views of Process Safety Performance

Data Visualisation + Reporting Solutions Custom Analytics + Software Solutions

Helping Contact Energy gain visibility of process safety performance and quickly understand trends, outliers, and patterns in their process safety data by harnessing the power of data visualisation.

Contact Energy wanted a 360° view of their process safety performance across sites and plants that could be used by executives and operational staff. It …

Developing the right data science capabilities to support successful business transformation

Data Science Team Development

Every day, water utility companies are tasked with providing drinking, waste and stormwater services to New Zealanders. Reliably supplying millions of litres of water and managing the challenges that come in hand with this is no mean feat. Having worked with a number of water utility companies, Harmonic understands these challenges and has the expertise required to help curate the right data science capabilities to address them.

As part of a major business transformation, a large New Zealand Water Utility company wanted to utilise analytics and insights to drive operational decision making …

Forecasting Apprenticeship Numbers with Confidence

Custom Analytics + Software Solutions Advanced Analytics Data Visualisation + Reporting Solutions

Apprentice numbers vary year to year and are often strongly influenced by economic factors, the construction industry job market and the demand for housing in New Zealand. An accurate projection is required to minimise the financial impact from over or under forecasting apprentice numbers and advanced analytical modelling is the key to gaining confidence when forecasting these numbers.

BCITO wanted to gain confidence in forecasting demand for apprentices over the long term so as to proactively position itself to meet the demand for …

Going from 1 to 50 Data Scientists with Harmonic

Advanced Analytics Data Science Team Development

Recruiting the right data science talent can be a challenge but it is not the only path to increasing your data science capabilities. In this case study, we look at how a large energy sector operator successfully upskilled existing staff by working closely with Harmonic.

A large Australian energy sector operator wanted to develop its internal data science team capabilities to improve forecasting accuracy, the automation of analytical processes, and …

Machine Learning and analytics provide valuable insight for Beef and Lamb New Zealand

Custom Analytics + Software Solutions Advanced Analytics

Knowing how to apply the right machine learning algorithms to a specific business challenge takes a lot of skill and experience - and our team at Harmonic have both in spades. In this case study, we see how applying the right mix of machine learning algorithms and analytics can derive some incredible insights that go a long way in helping improve farm profitability in New Zealand.

A wide variation in profitability exists between farmers across New Zealand. Beef and Lamb wanted to understand what key attributes make the top 10% farmers …

Powerful Asset Management Solution for Spark

Custom Analytics + Software Solutions Advanced Analytics

Analytics can help asset-intensive companies, like large digital services companies, extend the life of their assets and optimise their operations. With the right mix of analytics, companies can gain insights into the health and asset failure risk to help make informed, risk and return based decisions.

Spark runs a sophisticated Lifecycle Management Programme to ensure their network operates efficiently and delivers the highest quality customer experience. Early on, Spark recognised that …

Shift Optimisation for Air Traffic Controllers

Custom Analytics + Software Solutions Advanced Analytics

Helping Airways New Zealand maximise the value and application of their data – and plan for the future.

As part of their roster planning process, Airways wanted to confidently and efficiently model a set of optimal shifts for air traffic controllers given numerous …

Smart Analytics Solution delivers results for Transpower

Custom Analytics + Software Solutions

Central to electricity transmission grid monitoring and operating, is the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) communications network which generates enormous amounts of data. In this case study, we see how analytics can work alongside SCADA to improve information visibility, providing intelligent decision making input to operators and stakeholders.

Transpower has large volumes of time-critical data in their SCADA network and needed confidence that the data was concise and reliable to enable rapid and …

Tackling Data Quality in Government

Data Quality

Taking the first step towards understanding and measuring the impact of data quality with Harmonic’s Data Quality Assessment.

A large government department wanted to assess and monitor the quality of data in two core operational repositories which support numerous critical functions within the …

Visualising trends and patterns across millions of alarm logs every month

Custom Analytics + Software Solutions Data Visualisation + Reporting Solutions Advanced Analytics

Control Rooms are constantly inundated with thousands of network alarms. With overwhelming amounts of alarm data, determining root cause and priority amongst the noise is a challenge. Data visualisation, machine learning and advanced analytics can help address these challenges.

To improve alarm management and resolution, a large electrical infrastructure company needed a quick and visual way to identify, analyse and prioritise trends and patterns …