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Illuminating Fibre Prospects

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Providing Northpower Fibre (Northpower) with data driven insights to identify potential customers using predictive probabilities generated by a propensity model.

Northpower is an electricity and internet provider company in northern New Zealand and operates the electricity distribution and fibre networks in the Whangarei and Kaipara region, connecting to more than 60,000 electricity customers and more than 33,000 available fibre connections.

The Challenge

Northpower engaged Harmonic Analytics to provide analytical insights to help determine whether a residential entity may be a potential customer. These insights would help Northpower to target and capture a portion of the remaining non-connected households.

The Solution

Harmonic developed a propensity model to provide insights into the currently non-connected households. Using Northpower’s data combined with data from the 2018 New Zealand Census, Harmonic trained the propensity model to predict the likelihood that a residential household was interested in signing up to fibre. By comparing this to the current status of the household fibre connection, Harmonic could determine whether that household presented a potential customer or not.

Analysing over 29,000 residential entities, Harmonic aggregated the model outputs to provide summary statistics for different geographical areas through which the number of potential customers and market penetration gap for the areas were identified.

The model was therefore able to predict the total number of potential fibre customers in the Whangarei and Kapara region and subsequently estimate the market penetration gap. These insights can be used to better understand, and thus target, residential entities that remain available in the market.

The Result

  • Predicted probabilities to help identify potential fibre customers in the Northland region
  • Provided insights into the market penetration gaps for specific geographical areas

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