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Machine Learning and analytics provide valuable insight for Beef and Lamb New Zealand

Advanced Analytics Custom Analytics + Software Solutions

Knowing how to apply the right machine learning algorithms to a specific business challenge takes a lot of skill and experience - and our team at Harmonic have both in spades. In this case study, we see how applying the right mix of machine learning algorithms and analytics can derive some incredible insights that go a long way in helping improve farm profitability in New Zealand.

A wide variation in profitability exists between farmers across New Zealand. Beef and Lamb wanted to understand what key attributes make the top 10% farmers …

Machine Learning improves cargo revenue optimisation for leading international airline

Advanced Analytics

Harmonic developed an international-flight cargo space estimation tool to maximise revenue in collaboration with a leading international airline.

The leading airline had wasted capacity due to high no-show rates for several international routes. As cargo customers would not be charged for unused space …

Planning and investigation before a data migration makes moving data easy

Data Quality

Harmonic performed a data quality assessment on the Ministry for Primary Industry’s Climate Change Information System to aid its upgrade and migration.

The Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is used by the New Zealand government to meet domestic and international climate change targets. The forestry component of the …

Powerful Asset Management Solution for Spark

Advanced Analytics Custom Analytics + Software Solutions

Analytics can help asset-intensive companies, like large digital services companies, extend the life of their assets and optimise their operations. With the right mix of analytics, companies can gain insights into the health and asset failure risk to help make informed, risk and return based decisions.

Spark runs a sophisticated Lifecycle Management Programme to ensure their network operates efficiently and delivers the highest quality customer experience. Early on, Spark recognised that …

Shift Optimisation for Air Traffic Controllers

Advanced Analytics Custom Analytics + Software Solutions

Helping Airways New Zealand maximise the value and application of their data – and plan for the future.

As part of their roster planning process, Airways wanted to confidently and efficiently model a set of optimal shifts for air traffic controllers given numerous …

Smart Analytics Solution delivers results for Transpower

Custom Analytics + Software Solutions

Central to electricity transmission grid monitoring and operating, is the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) communications network which generates enormous amounts of data. In this case study, we see how analytics can work alongside SCADA to improve information visibility, providing intelligent decision making input to operators and stakeholders.

Transpower has large volumes of time-critical data in their SCADA network and needed confidence that the data was concise and reliable to enable rapid and …

Statistical modelling to inform strategies for managing aging pipe networks

Advanced Analytics Custom Analytics + Software Solutions Data Visualisation + Reporting Solutions

Helping water utilities understand the factors that contribute to deterioration of asbestos cement pipes and make informed decisions around proactive maintenance and replacement.

It is estimated that there are approximately 40,000 km of Asbestos Cement (AC) pipes still in service across water supply networks in Australia. Many of …

Tackling Data Quality in Government

Data Quality

Taking the first step towards understanding and measuring the impact of data quality with Harmonic’s Data Quality Assessment.

A large government department wanted to assess and monitor the quality of data in two core operational repositories which support numerous critical functions within the …

Understanding New Zealand’s native plant capacity will get us to one billion trees

Custom Analytics + Software Solutions Data Visualisation + Reporting Solutions

When the New Zealand government announced that one billion trees would be planted by 2028, the nursery sector did not have an accurate measure of how many trees could be produced to meet this need each year.

Meeting the New Zealand government's one billion trees goal by 2028 requires putting trees in the ground; roughly two hundred and seventy thousand trees every …

Visualising trends and patterns across millions of alarm logs every month

Advanced Analytics Custom Analytics + Software Solutions Data Visualisation + Reporting Solutions

Control Rooms are constantly inundated with thousands of network alarms. With overwhelming amounts of alarm data, determining root cause and priority amongst the noise is a challenge. Data visualisation, machine learning and advanced analytics can help address these challenges.

To improve alarm management and resolution, a large electrical infrastructure company needed a quick and visual way to identify, analyse and prioritise trends and patterns …