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Statistical modelling to inform strategies for managing aging pipe networks

Advanced Analytics Custom Analytics + Software Solutions Data Visualisation + Reporting Solutions

Helping water utilities understand the factors that contribute to deterioration of asbestos cement pipes and make informed decisions around proactive maintenance and replacement.

It is estimated that there are approximately 40,000 km of Asbestos Cement (AC) pipes still in service across water supply networks in Australia. Many of …

Complaints dashboard puts the customer first

Data Visualisation + Reporting Solutions

Creating an interactive, elegant dashboard can be a daunting task, especially when it is publicly available. Harmonic has applied their skills and expertise to help the Banking Ombudsman Scheme achieve their vision of a dashboard that would step up transparency about banking customer complaints.

A core aspect of BOS’s work is understanding customers’ complaints about their banks. BOS wanted to take a closer look at complaints across specific banks …

Investigation and planning before a data migration makes moving data easy

Data Quality

Harmonic performed a data quality assessment on the Ministry for Primary Industry’s Climate Change Information System to aid its upgrade and migration.

The Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is used by the New Zealand government to meet domestic and international climate change targets. The forestry component of the …

Floods of alarming insights

Advanced Analytics Custom Analytics + Software Solutions Data Visualisation + Reporting Solutions

A major Energy Networks company in Australia was concerned about the rapidly growing number of alarms on their distribution network.

Within the control room, controllers were swarmed with alarms every second, needlessly elevating stress and lowering morale. While the notification and monitoring of alarms is …

Enduring relationship helps deliver water services to 1.5 million people daily

Advanced Analytics Data Quality Data Science Team Development Data Visualisation + Reporting Solutions

Harmonic builds enduring relationships with our clients to provide ongoing value and expertise. Our lengthy professional relationship with Watercare has allowed us to contribute to several aspects of their business, including; performing data quality assessments and exploratory data analyses, creating custom algorithms and analytical measures; developing and productionising forecasting projects, and; building their in-house data science team.

Watercare supplies around 365 million litres of water to Auckland every day. Water is drawn from 23 sources, treated and supplied to homes and businesses …

Machine Learning improves cargo revenue optimisation for leading international airline

Advanced Analytics

Harmonic developed an international-flight cargo space estimation tool to maximise revenue in collaboration with a leading international airline.

The leading airline had wasted capacity due to high no-show rates for several international routes. As cargo customers would not be charged for unused space …

Data Visualisation puts New Zealanders well-being front and centre

Data Visualisation + Reporting Solutions

Harmonic worked with The Treasury to present quantifiable measures of well-being.

As part of the LSF, The Treasury sought to visualise and compare several indicators of well-being, and present well-being measures across three indicators; ‘Our country’, …

Understanding New Zealand’s native plant capacity will get us to one billion trees

Custom Analytics + Software Solutions Data Visualisation + Reporting Solutions

When the New Zealand government announced that one billion trees would be planted by 2028, the nursery sector did not have an accurate measure of how many trees could be produced to meet this need each year.

Meeting the New Zealand government's one billion trees goal by 2028 requires putting trees in the ground; roughly two hundred and seventy thousand trees every …

Asset Lifecycle Management for Wellington City Council

Custom Analytics + Software Solutions Data Quality

Water analytics allows companies and local bodies to evaluate their data for trends and patterns, enabling quick identification of opportunities to reduce costs, minimise risks and predict asset failure. Additionally, understanding the quality of your asset management data provides confidence to make decisions based on these insights.

WCC wanted to improve "three waters" asset management data to help meet regulatory compliance requirements, including 30-year infrastructure strategies. They also wanted to support cost-effective …

Forecasting Apprenticeship Numbers with Confidence

Advanced Analytics Custom Analytics + Software Solutions Data Visualisation + Reporting Solutions

Apprentice numbers vary year to year and are often strongly influenced by economic factors, the construction industry job market and the demand for housing in New Zealand. An accurate projection is required to minimise the financial impact from over or under forecasting apprentice numbers and advanced analytical modelling is the key to gaining confidence when forecasting these numbers.

BCITO wanted to gain confidence in forecasting demand for apprentices over the long term so as to proactively position itself to meet the demand for …