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Asset Lifecycle Management for Wellington City Council

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Water analytics allows companies and local bodies to evaluate their data for trends and patterns, enabling quick identification of opportunities to reduce costs, minimise risks and predict asset failure. Additionally, understanding the quality of your asset management data provides confidence to make decisions based on these insights.

Wellington City Council (WCC) is responsible for meeting the Capital's current and future needs in a cost-effective way, including providing good quality local infrastructure and public and regulatory services. Part of this includes the management and provision of drinking water, wastewater and stormwater ("three waters") to the Wellington Region.

The Challenge

WCC wanted to improve "three waters" asset management data to help meet regulatory compliance requirements, including 30-year infrastructure strategies. They also wanted to support cost-effective decisions around maintenance, resourcing, resilience and future planning within financial constraints as part of their sophisticated asset management programme.

The Solution

Harmonic worked closely with WCC subject matter experts to develop condition and demand models. Data visualisation tools, including heat maps, were utilised to identify future constraints within the networks (e.g. pipe failure probability or pipe capacity shortfalls) for the "three waters" assets.

An initial data quality assessment was conducted by Harmonic as well to ensure that the asset management data sets were in good health and could be relied on to support cost-effective decisions around maintenance, resourcing, resilience and future planning. Advice and support were provided around the improvement of water asset-related data as it is collected from several sources (e.g. condition surveys).

Harmonic also helped develop custom analytic solutions to support transport and property assets.

The Result

  • Having the right information based on robust statistical analysis assisted with determining asset renewal and upgrade programmes for 50+ years.
  • Understanding the age of pipes, resiliency, and the quality of the infrastructure will support the city’s future spatial planning and economic development opportunities.
  • The analysis also provided insights to help the Council determine the best investment priorities e.g. what, where and how to invest in the short, medium and long term.

“Improvements in the value provided by infrastructure assets have the potential to yield substantial financial savings for the Council. The partnership between Wellington City Council and Harmonic is producing sophisticated analytics to help us tease out these benefits for our city. There are some exciting results.”

— Haydn Read, Manager, Strategic Asset Planning, Wellington City Council

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