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Creating an interactive, elegant dashboard can be a daunting task, especially when it is publicly available. Harmonic has applied their skills and expertise to help the Banking Ombudsman Scheme achieve their vision of a dashboard that would step up transparency about banking customer complaints.

The Banking Ombudsman Scheme (BOS) is a free, independent dispute resolution service. They investigate and help resolve complaints made by customers about their banks. All major banks in New Zealand, as well as their subsidiaries and related companies, are participants of the scheme.

The Challenge

A core aspect of BOS’s work is understanding customers’ complaints about their banks. BOS wanted to take a closer look at complaints across specific banks using various metrics. Customers can see how their bank would typically handle complaints, and banks can see how they stack up against their peers.

The Solution

Harmonic developed two PowerBI pages to add to BOS’s existing Complaints Dashboard. One page is public facing and one is currently for use by banks for internal analysis. The dashboard is updated every quarter to track the performance of banks over time.

The public page examines a set of metrics across the banks. These metrics are: market share, the number of complaints, time taken to resolve a complaint, and the percentage of complaints resolved. Bar charts and donut charts were used to visualise the banks’ relative position in the market. Users can also filter the page to investigate specific banks over different time periods. A consistent theme and colour scheme was used to distinguish banks and to fit in with the existing pages of the dashboard.

A host of aggregated metrics to display were brainstormed early in the design process. Through a process of iteration, Harmonic worked collaboratively with BOS to settle on those that had the most intrinsic benefit to banks, as well as being readily digestible by the general public.

The Harmonic team wrote extensive documentation explaining how the dashboard works, how the calculations are defined and how updates to the dashboard could be made by future dashboard developers. Future Proofing for further development was essential, as BOS is committed to ongoing enhancements to the dashboard for the benefit of customers.

You can view the dashboard at

The Result

  • Transparency on the complaints associated with each bank
  • Better visibility of type and issues of complaints
  • Interactive dashboard

Owning, fronting, and learning from complaints leads to better outcomes for customers.

Sharing complaint data is a big step toward greater transparency and accountability.

— Nicola Sladden, Banking Ombudsman

We were privileged to be working alongside such a talented and committed team. They immediately understood our vision and were invested in the outcome of our project. We trusted that the work would be delivered on time and to a high standard, and we were not disappointed. Thank you Harmonic!

— Banking Ombudsman Scheme

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