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Simplifying the UK's Move to Renewables with Alarm Grouping

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Traditionally, electricity distribution networks were designed for one-way power flow, from distributors to consumers. This design aligns with the original concept of electricity transmission. However, as prosumers become more prevalent, and technical solutions like grids and micro-grids emerge, it's only natural for the electricity network to evolve. This transformation involves a shift from Distribution Network Operators (DNO) to Distribution System Operators (DSO).

Western Power Distribution was a trade name previously employed by four electricity distribution companies in the United Kingdom. As part of a UK-wide consolidation effort, these companies have since merged to form National Grid.

The Challenge

This transition holds immense potential, especially in optimising the utilisation of renewable electricity resources. It empowers better control and comprehension of supply and demand dynamics, all while offering low-carbon flexibility services.

DSO are proactive entities that facilitate control over generation assets and resources, ultimately leading to a more efficient and reliable grid operation. The emergence of new DSO has brought about an increase in the volume of data and alarms that need to be managed in the control room. Harmonic has been entrusted with the task of developing a tool for the UK's DSO to analyse the correlation between alarms and events in the control room, specifically for Active Network Management (ANM) and System Voltage Optimisation (SVO) purposes. The primary objective is to pinpoint common causes and take corrective actions, involving the grouping of alarms for simplified management.

The Solution

In pursuit of this goal, we compiled all data associated with these alarms, conducted a thorough quality assessment, and proceeded with data analysis. The consequence of this work, including alarm grouping, predictive insights, and potential solutions, is encapsulated within the software we have meticulously crafted. Our aim is to empower operators with the ability to identify root causes promptly, thereby streamlining their work. To facilitate this, a diverse array of visualisation tools, including treemaps, time graphs, maps, risk lists, and more, are at their disposal.

The Result

  • We have successfully developed a software prototype that aims to reduce the number of alarms by intelligently grouping them.
  • This software also enhances transparency of operational issues through various visualisation methods.
  • It saves operators time by suggesting the source of problems and potential solutions.
  • Moreover, it offers the possibility of deploying this tool in various other operational areas.

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