Case Study

Going from 1 to 50 Data Scientists with Harmonic

Advanced Analytics | Data Science Team Development

Recruiting the right data science talent can be a challenge but it is not the only path to increasing your data science capabilities. In this case study, we look at how a large energy sector operator successfully upskilled existing staff by working closely with Harmonic.

The Challenge

A large Australian energy sector operator wanted to develop its internal data science team capabilities to improve forecasting accuracy, the automation of analytical processes, and the development of visualisation tools.

The Solution

Harmonic delivered data science training that comprised technical skill development including; R programming, dashboard development, reproducible analytics and software architecture design, as well as mentoring and peer review.

Further training in dashboard development was provided, enabling the client to successfully develop and test proof-of-concept dashboards. With Harmonic’s assistance, these dashboards were streamlined and expanded upon to form a visualisation tool for both internal and external stakeholders.

As the client’s capabilities grew, more advanced and automatic analytical models were deployed. Harmonic continued to conduct peer reviews of models and further fostered growth and knowledge sharing within the organisation.

The Result

  • Successfully developed data science resources via investing in existing staff - from 1 to more than 50 data scientists in 3 years.
  • Ensured data science capabilities followed best practices and supported company objectives.
  • Increased confidence in forecasting accuracy and that model outputs are timely, relevant and reliable.
  • Shared common knowledge across staff enabling efficiency gains and protecting against loss of domain knowledge when staff leave.
  • Improved decision-making through meaningful visual presentation of information for both internal and external stakeholders.

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