12  MARCH 2019
An interesting write up by CIO Magazine, about the Women in Data Science Wellington event and a Spotlight on Data scientists. What does makes a good data science team?  Harmonic is proud of our diverse data science team in gender, ethnicity and diversity of thought.

11  FEBRUARY 2019
Dr Lisa Chen, our Chief Analytics Officer, is a speaker on the 'Working in Data Science' panel at WiDS Wellington - Saturday 9 March 2019.  This is an independent event organised by Victoria University of Wellington to coincide with the annual Global Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference held at Stanford University and an estimated 150+ locations worldwide.  All...

11  FEBRUARY 2019
Following on from the success of last year's series, the theme of the 2019 Ihaka lectures is Rise of the machine learners: Statistical learning in the computational era. The series will run from 13 March to 3 April at the University of Auckland. 

17  DECEMBER 2018
Harmonic was honoured to sponsor and present the prizes for Best Student Presentation, at the NZSA Conference, November 2018. Congratulations to the winners (see photo below). 

9  DECEMBER 2018
Harmonic helped the Treasury to deliver the Living Standards Framework (LSF) Dashboard, an interactive tool presenting indicators of current and future wellbeing that help inform the Treasury's work.

10  OCTOBER 2018
The New Zealand Statistical Association (NZSA) and the Operations Research Society of New Zealand (ORSNZ) are holding a joint conference hosted by Massey University in 2018, from Tuesday 27 to Friday 30 November.  Harmonic is pleased to continue our tradition of sponsoring the NZSA prize for 'the Best Student Presentation'.  This year we are also sponsoring the ORSNZ dinner.

25  JULY 2018
Harmonic Analytics is pleased to announce exciting changes to our Board.  Phil Royal has joined Harmonic as a Director and Dr Murray Milner is confirmed as Chairman.    Harmonic has experienced significant growth in recent years. Now is the perfect time to build upon this success, expand our presence and maintain our...

16  JULY 2018
Phil Shepherd and Dr Lisa Chen attended the UseR Conference in Brisbane (10-13 July 2018).  Dr Lisa Chen presented 'How Does Industry Embrace R? to a captive audience at the conference which featured a diverse programme of speakers and tutorials.  The presentation covered how Harmonic uses R to help industry clients, observations,...

10  MAY 2018
We've moved our Wellington office - still in the heart of the Wellington Central Business District. 

7  MARCH 2018
Have a look at our latest digital presentation. This provides a snapshot of how we've helped clients across sectors including: agriculture, aviation, energy, local and central government, telecommunications and utilities. The second video is more detailed and shows the same case studies but with dashboards.

5  MARCH 2018
Dr Lisa Chen, Chief Analytics Officer,  joins the 'Q&A with Leading Data Scientists' panel  at the Stanford University Women in Data Science, New Zealand event, 5 March 2018.  The Global Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference aims to inspire and educate data scientists worldwide, regardless of gender, and support women in the field.

27  FEBRUARY 2018
Join us at the Wellington R Users Group meeting on 27 February 2018.  As advocates for R, Harmonic is proud to sponsor these events. This months presentation is about R Shiny Applications.   The R Users Group is co-hosted by Shirley Wu, Operations Manager, Harmonic Analytics and Conrad, Senior Analyst, Social Investment Agency.

11  JANUARY 2018
Harmonic was pleased to sponsor and present the ‘Best Student Presentation’ prizes at the IASC/NZSA Conference in December 2017.  Several Harmonic staff attended along with around 300 delegates.  This was a great chance to see Ross Ihaka present.  The conference honoured Ross as a co-founder of ‘R’ and a great...

11  JANUARY 2018
Glenn Thomas, Senior Data Scientist, presented 'R in Industry – Application of Pipe Renewal Planning', at the IASC/NZSA 2017 Conference.   Glenn demonstrated some of the practical tools Harmonic has developed using R to assist in asset management.

20  DECEMBER 2017
Our data scientists come from varied and interesting backgrounds. Ploi Yibmantasiri has joined Harmonic as a student intern from Victoria University where she is completing her Masters in Applied Statistics.  Ploi, also has a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biosciences, from Victoria University.

29  SEPTEMBER 2017
Harmonic Analytics was pleased to present, attend and exhibit at the GE Asia Pacific Software Users Conference in Brisbane, Australia (12-15 September 2017).  The Conference attracts over 250 delegates including executives from leading Australian utilities, managers, operators and engineers, GE and GE technology partners.

12  SEPTEMBER 2017
Phil Shepherd, CEO, joins the panel discussion for Digital Disruption: The New Era of Digital Industrial, at the GE Grid Solutions Asia Pacific Software Users Summit, 12-15 September, Brisbane, Australia.

Alex Wang, Data Scientist at Harmonic, helped Auckland City Council with their GovHack 2017 Big Picture project. The Big Picture looks at "How might we show the connection between physical and social infrastructure and the people outcomes this infrastructure is designed to deliver?" 

14  AUGUST 2017
Join us at the next Wellington R Users Group meeting on 16 August 2017.  As advocates for R, Harmonic is proud to sponsor these events. This months presentation is very topical with the upcoming general election.

2  AUGUST 2017
Dr Lisa Chen will present on Data Quality at the GE Grid Solutions Asia Pacific Software Summit in Brisbane, 12-15 September 2017.  The Summit is energy sector focused with over 250 delegates attending including senior executives, managers and engineers from leading Australian utilities.

3  JULY 2017
Read what Shirley Wu and Lisa Chen have to say about the burning issues in Data Science, in the article Data Science in Action, published in InterView magazine.

20  APRIL 2017
PSC and Harmonic have joined forces to launch a new analytics service offering to the electricity industry, combining Power Systems Engineering and Data Science. Warwick Glendenning, CEO PSC Asia Pacific and Phil Shepherd, CEO Harmonic, officially launched the partnership in Wellington on 26 April 2017.

18  APRIL 2017
Harmonic has joined the GE Digital Alliance program. Through this partnership we will combine Harmonic’s data science expertise with GE’s vast knowledge of industry to deliver advanced analytics solutions.

13  APRIL 2017
Congratulations to Dr Murray Milner, Chairman of Harmonic Analytics, who recently received the IPENZ top honour and is now a 'Distinguished Fellow'. Fellowship allows the engineering profession to recognise its leaders.

13  MARCH 2017
Interested in R for data analysis?  Join us for the first 2017 Auckland R Users Group meeting on Thursday 16 March. As experts in R, Harmonic is proud to sponsor these events.

11  NOVEMBER 2016
Harmonic Analytics is providing advanced analytics services to several government agencies.   Harmonic data scientists are using the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) for approved research projects – that are in the public interest.

11  NOVEMBER 2016
Harmonic is proud to sponsor the prize for 'best student presentation' at the joint 2016 NZSA and ORSNZ Conference, in Auckland this year.  The NZSA (New Zealand Statistical Association) encourages presentations from students at its annual conferences, and as an enticement, prizes are awarded for Best Student Presentation.

15  AUGUST 2016
Join us at the next Auckland R Users Group (AKRUG) meeting on 18 August 2016.  As experts in R and analytics, Harmonic is a proud sponsor. Dr. Lisa Chen, our Chief Analytics Officer, is a co-organiser of these events.

10  AUGUST 2016
Media Release 10/8/16.  Data quality is the key foundation for evidence based decision making.  Dr. Lisa Chen, Chief Analytics Officer of Harmonic Analytics recently presented on the topic of data quality at the GE Asia Pacific Software Summit.  “Poor quality data is a serious risk facing the energy sector.  We...

26  APRIL 2016
Dr Lisa Chen, presented 'Data Science in Action' to science (statistics) students  at the University of Auckland.  Students  were particularly interested in the introduction to a data science company, why do clients seek data science solutions and what makes a good data scientist in the real world?

22  MARCH 2016
Congratulations to Ethan Li who recently completed his Masters of Statistics, while contributing to key client projects at Harmonic.

22  DECEMBER 2015
We welcome two new members to our data science team. Rebecca Zhang joined Harmonic as part of a 10 week Callaghan Innovation programme and Sam Caldwell as a data scientist in November 2015. 

9  OCTOBER 2015
Harmonic is proud to support the New Zealand Statistical Association (NZSA) Annual Conference for our third year. Harmonic sponsors prizes for best student presentations at the 2015 Conference - held 24 to 26 November 2015.  

10  SEPTEMBER 2015
If you’ve ever found that it’s hard to keep on top of all the different tools you can apply to an analytics problem, this session will help!  In the session build a map of analytics techniques and how they fit together.  Participants leave with an idea of what techniques work...

24  AUGUST 2015
Join the next Auckland R Users Group meeting on 9 September at the University of Auckland.  As advocates for R, Harmonic is proud to sponsor these events.

24  AUGUST 2015
"Bill English cites some clever work done by Hayden Read - Manager Strategic Asset Planning at Wellington City Council."  Harmonic Analytics has been involved in this programme of work looking at '3 waters' and transport assets. 

28  JULY 2015
Interested in R for data analytics? View the latest presentation 'All that is Shiny' from the Wellington R User Group.

16  JULY 2015
We are fortunate to have a talented data science team.  Meet our senior team members who have contributed significantly to Harmonic - Shirley Wu, Dr Lisa Chen, and Dr Kristy Su.  They demonstrate exceptional focus, teamwork and leadership.  Recent promotions in their job titles reflect their professional achievements and personal strengths.

2  FEBRUARY 2015
We wish you and your families a prosperous and harmonious Chinese New Year of the Sheep.  Chinese New Year is celebrated by a number of our staff at Harmonic Analytics in New Zealand, and we are pleased to celebrate this tradition.

4  DECEMBER 2014
Harmonic has developed an Alarm Analytics Log tool for a national electricity supplier. The purpose is to measure and analyse alarm log data – to show a clearer view of network health. The insights from the analysis are valuable for long term data management and proactive planning.  For example seasonal/weekly...

26  OCTOBER 2014
Data Scientist, James Waugh was recently awarded the ‘Young Practitioner Prize’, by the Operations Research Society of New Zealand (ORSNZ), at the 2014 Joint NZSA & ORSNZ annual conference.  

16  OCTOBER 2014
Introducing our newest team members!  These talented data scientists with interesting backgrounds join our experienced team in Wellington and Auckland.  Please contact Phil Shepherd to learn more about our data science capability.